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21st Nov, 2010

 I start a new job tomorrow and have just placed my first order for some clothing from TaoBao today!

It's rare for me to update my journal but today I'm feeling happy and nervous at the same time for a fresh start ^_^

For some reason I've been watching Yugioh's first series (aka Season 0) today.  Wow, Miho annoys me! :P
 I've spent the day inside with my friend (she's taken a day off work to get over laryngitis) over cups of tea and biscuits <3

Perhaps the funny highlight of the day was when her cat stole an ENTIRE wheel of Camembert cheese and tried to run off with it.  The cheese was ruined but we ran after him until he dropped it and disappeared into the cat run outside.

It's been lovely weather since the weekend but unfortunately I've had a headache coming and going for the last day, I fear it's a migraine ;_;

26th Aug, 2010

I've never been good at talking about myself so I really need to force myself to update this thing.  This is just for me, I know nobody reads it haha

Money's gotten very tight and I've had to throw myself foll force into jobhunting.  In a recent interstate trip my bank card got declined on a $19 purchase, how embarrassing.  Luckily a friend of mine shouted the purchase for me and I paid her back with money borrowed from my fiancee...

I really need a simple, mindless job to tide me over so I'm applying left right and centre for supermarkets, retail etc.  I know I can do things more complicated but I get really anxious when even thinking about office work again.  >_<  It sucks, I know I can do complex work but at the moment I can't handle this imaginary stress ;_;

At some point soon I'll need to go back to my doctor and get a repeat of my anti depressants (which I ran out of in March but meh >_<) 

Working working

Now the cooler weather is coming in, I'm finding it more difficult to get up in the mornings =_=  Usually I go to sleep at 2am and wake up at 11am lol

I have been working on a pink Gundam model my Daniel bought for me, from the series Gundam Seed Destiny.  It's the HG Zaku Warrior (Live Concert version), which you can see below!

HG Zaku Warrior (Live Concert version)

I'm not what you call a fan of Gundam as the only one I watched was Gundam Wing and I've never seen any of the others, but I like how pink it is xDD

Now let's just hope mine looks as good?  lol

As far as viewing, I'm about to sit down to HeartCatch Pretty Cure episode 12......I can't say how much I enjoy this series, Cure Marine is just teh best EVAR! >_<  I am determined to do some fanart of her and Cure Moonlight and Dark Precure as well.....
...sure, I love Blossom and Sunshine too but the others are just on a whole other level!  Ahaha~

About me

 There's not a lot to me, I'm in my early 20s and am between jobs at the moment.  Life and work got too much for me towards the end of last year so I quit first week of March when I realised how much I needed time away and to myself!

My hobbies include drawing and writing and I recently started doing Zumba dancing.  As I used to do dance (tap and jazz) at an early age it's been lots of fun to get moving again.  I'm trying to get down to 65Kgs for July for the AVCon anime convention.  I'm 175cm high and after three years of solid desk jobs I gained a belly so I'm working that off now xD

So a little about me, it's probably best to just list out the facts and see if anyone cares~!

~Basic Info~
Hair Color::Strawberry/dirty Blonde
Eye Color::Blue, yellow streak in my left eye
Body Type::hourglass shape, I guess
Color?:It varies - at the moment it's lime green
Hair Style?:Up-do's or anything with long, straight hair because mine's curly lol
Food?:Anything with noodles or watermelon xD
Soda?:Grape or Coke Zero
Alchoholic Beverage?:Midori+lemonade or American Honey+coke and extra honey
Store?:I dunno, to be honest
Mall?:I'll say Rundle Mall because it's the only "mall" in Adelaide!
City?:Melbourne - I've only been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart outside of SA
Movie?:Either Pirates of the Caribbean 1 or Sin City
Book?:Tie between the Harry Potter books and the Anne of Green Gables books
Music?:I'm in love with Japanese and Korean pop at the moment
Song?:Ai no uta by Chara and RAINBOW by Ayumi Hamasaki
Band/Artist?:Ayumi Hamasaki and Lady Gaga
Website?:My Chrome homepage says my most visited sites are google.com, Facebook, Tokyo ToshokanAyumi Hamasaki Sekai, Sankaku Complex, Soshified Forums, Regretsy and YouTube so make of that what you will :P
~This or That~
Soda or Juice?:Soda, but if it's pre-11am, juice
Music or Internet?:Internet
Rock or Rap?:Rock
Dogs or Cats?:Dogs
White or Black?:Black
Myspace or Bebo?:I don't know what Bebo is so I'll go with MySpace
Cell Phone or I-pod?:Cell phone
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?:Straight
Lap-Top or Computer?:Laptop
Corded Phone or Cordless?:Cordless
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?:Pepsi
Pen or Pencil?:Pencil
MP3 Player or I-pod?:MP3
Phone or Internet?:Internet
Single or Taken?:Huh?
School or Work?:School
What do you do on your spare time?:Visit my forums, read or play games
What do you wish you had more time for?:Going outside and enjoying the world
Whats your usual clothing style?:Jeans and a tshirt
Whats your usual hair style?:Cut just above my shoulders, no fringe but shaped around my face
What are you wearing?:Jeans and a tshirt (Lady Gaga's Bad Romance one)
Are you single or taken?:Taken
If taken, by who?:My fiance, Daniel
Who would you die for?:several people
Are you a virgin?:no
What do you think of one night stands?:Silly
Whos your best friend?:I have a few close, close friends but I don't know if I have a "best" friend
How long have you been friends?:
How did you and your best friend meet?:
Do you have any pets?:Yes
If yes, how many?:1, cat
Do you plan on getting married?:hopefully next year
Do you plan on having kids?:Yes
If so, how many?:2-3
How old did you wish you were?:21
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?:Japan
Why?:I've always wanted to visit and be immersed in the culture
Ever gone Camping?:Yes
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?:Caught, yes. Eaten, no because it was a gross-tasting one
Have you ever gone water skiing?:No
Have you ever gone water tubing?:No
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?:Yes, it was scary!
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?:Yes, less scary because the snow was fresh and sticky
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?:no
Ever gone to church?:Yes
Ever gone to a famous water park?:no
Ever gone out of State?:yes
Ever gone out of the country?:no
When was the last time you left town?:2007
Anything you got planned for this weekend?:a working bee at a friend's place
If so, what?:look up
Is this survey curing your bordom?:a little
Do you resemble anyone famous?:a little like Hermione from Harry Potter
Are you related to anyone famous?:a Member of Parliament (third cousin) and distantly related to Ursula Croshaw
If so, who?:I'm too fast for this quiz xD
Do you think your hott?:no
Do other people think your hott?:my fiance does
Do you think your skinny?:no
Or do you think your fat?:a bit
Or just in between fat and skinny?:no
What year were you born in?:1986
Ever been on a blind date?:no
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?:reading or playing games/music
What do you do in the summer time?:sleep in and go out often
Are you naturally tanned?:no
Or are you kinda pale?:VERY! lol
Do you live in a house?:yes, on the second story
Or do you live in a apartment?:no
What do you have on your mind?:food
What time is it?:12.20am

Am i interesting yet? lol

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